Mar. 6th, 2011

darkemeralds: A young woman circa 1945 is intent on her knitting. Caption "Knitting For Victory" (Knitting)
One article of clothing that you don't think much about the fit of is a bathrobe, but I had to concede today that mine is now way too big to wear anymore. I was gonna go out and hunt for a new one, when my eye fell upon a solution.

It's a bathrobe! From several years ago! It has only one drawback: it is still a bathrobe-to-be.

I had shoved it into an upper closet shelf, pattern tissue still pinned on to the cut pieces, during Project Empty, and there it has sat, mocking me in its cloud-violet fleeciness, for a couple of years. Not exactly haute couture, a fleece dressing gown, but it will offer an advantage a store-bought one can't: that of actually extending to my ankles, which are farther below my shoulders than are the average bathrobe buyer's, apparently.

So I dragged my old sewing machine out and dug through my threads, and I'm gonna sew me a bathrobe--if I can remember how.
darkemeralds: Jared Padalecki in Regency attire (Restraint Tristan)
[ profile] yourlibrarian has posted a thoughtful piece on Restraint and its place in the Real Person fanfic continuum.

She examines some of the ways in which John and Tristan do and don't hew to the "canon" of J2, and I have to say, she caught everything I intended and few things I wasn't conscious of. She also identifies a range of Alternate Universe categories and asks the question of whether Restraint and other AU Real Person fic can or should make the leap into "print" as published works with the serial numbers filed off.

I enjoyed the post and the discussion in comments (I probably also broke a cardinal rule by leaving a comment of my own!) and I thought other people might be interested in it. It's worth a read.

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