Oct. 17th, 2011

darkemeralds: Photo of fingers on a computer keyboard. (Writing)
I was out hacking down the overgrowth in the north forty (aka my side yard) yesterday , bleeding freely from a couple of rose-thorn pokes, avoiding a hornets' nest, taxing my hands by removing ceanothus branches that were a bit too big for the loppers, and generally enjoying the heck out of a gorgeous October afternoon, when my phone gave the sonar ping of G-chat notification.

I continued hacking for a bit, and the phone pinged about four more times.

It was [personal profile] ravurian, pitching a story idea so gobsmackingly wonderful that I might have to take sedatives to keep from dwelling on it. Either that, or I'll have to write it.

It would be a crossover or fusion piece. It would branch off from Restraint in a kind of Sliding Doors parallel universe. It would involve magic.

It would be amazing.

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