7/2/10 00:29
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I just reformatted my whole hard disk, got rid of Windows altogether, and installed Ubuntu as the sole operating system.

Staring at the Blue Screen of Geeky Diagnostics was not how I'd planned to spend my Saturday, but I'm back in business (knock on wood) as Sunday tiptoes in. I'm restoring about 20 gigabytes of My Documents right now. So far so good.

I hate computer problems, but I'll say this: deciding at 10:00 p.m. on a frustrating Saturday to just chuck the whole damn operating system (which, by the way, accounted for something like $200 of the cost of this computer...grrr...piece of crap...) had a damn-the-torpedoes feeling to it that was kind of exciting.

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7/2/10 08:50 (UTC)
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I am impressed by your fortitude

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7/2/10 08:53 (UTC)
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I do not have have geeky computer skillz and get rather despairing whenever my computers are sick.
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7/2/10 16:55 (UTC)
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I know exactly how you feel. It's like losing the power of speech and thought at the same time.

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7/2/10 18:29 (UTC)
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Now I understand how terrifying the threat of Excommunication must be/have been.

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8/2/10 02:12 (UTC)
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Coined during the Infamous Attic Renovation:

"Necessity may be the mother of Invention, but Desperation is its drunken stepfather."


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