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Oh, that wonderful feeling of decluttering!

Back when I was really on a roll with Project Empty, there was a feeling of power and mental cleanness that was damn near magical, and thanks to [personal profile] kis's projected visit in September, that feeling is back!

Whatever I decluttered completely during Project Empty has remained effortlessly clear and clean. Areas that I mostly decluttered have slowly regained some of their clutter. And the places I never cleared have proven to be like magnetic nodes of new-clutter accumulation.

It's as if one unused, unneeded, unreleased thing in a spot makes it the obvious place, the excuse, for another one, and another, and the moral of the story is: the only real decluttering is radical decluttering. Including--perhaps especially--in the hidden places behind doors and inside drawers.

Naturally, in my Fifteen Minutes for Kispexi project between now and September, I'm focusing on those spots first, and tonight I cleared one of them, a utility closet in my kitchen. As Project Empty died down last time, I stashed a few donation-bag items there, and a year and a half later, there they still were, along with everything I've meant to donate since, AND some paper bags. And rags.

Now it's all cleared out, and the Veterans are coming tomorrow to collect it. It really did only take about 15 minutes.

By the way, it's much easier to toss stuff now than it was the first go-round, because I've already done it, and I not only survived, but thrived, so there's not nearly as much angst and resistance.

Next up in 15M4K: The table of foodstuffs and cookbooks that I don't have room for in my kitchen cabinets. It's war, baby. Weird extracts and specialized cookbooks, prepare to be discarded.

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29/3/10 04:02 (UTC)
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I'm inspired!
I've roped in a friend of mine to help me toss out my clothes closet. She's great at decluttering and she won't let me use those excuses we use to keep things. For a tender-hearted woman, she can be cold and heartless, thank goodness!

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29/3/10 14:01 (UTC)
kis: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] kis
Er ... Mr Kis is the human equivalent of a the one unreleased thing ... Clutter is drawn to him. I'm sure he's part hamster.

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29/3/10 14:22 (UTC)
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Errr, what kind of weird extracts? I suspect that I would happily pay you for them plus shipping, although someone nearer at hand would probably pay for them as well.


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