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Recent fandom thrills and excitement have sidetracked me a bit, and my Fifteen Minutes For Kispexi project has been no minutes at all for a few days. I find myself in the same old mental trap that has always kept me from having the household environment I'd really like, to wit: The Projects Are Too Big.

The whole point of Project Empty was to take it in small, manageable slices. That was built into the name of this current project. Fifteen Minutes. Not The Whole Precious Weekend.

So. Deep breath. Instead of "the mudroom of roof-leaking doom OMG!!!!!!EdvardMunchface!!!!" I need slices. Thin slices that I can line up in advance and knock down as I have time.

For instance:
  • de-spiderweb the mudroom of roof-leaking doom
  • take rusty cans of paint from the mudroom of roof-leaking doom
  • mop floor in the MRoRLD
  • go to hardware store and buy new lock for the door of the MRoRLD
etc., etc. That way, maybe the actual leaking roof in the MRoRLD will become more approachable.

There are two other "of doom" type areas that need my attention: the Overgrown and Neglected Back Yard of Doom, and the Side Yard of Doom (also known as What Ruins The View From the Kitchen Window).

There are, in addition, a couple of spots inside the house that aren't Of Doom, exactly, but that seem to bring out my most resistant avoider (mostly because they have to do with painting, and I hate painting, or because the proper correction is something I can't afford). These areas, too, must be susceptible of sub-dividing into quarter-hour increments.

So, back to the 15M4K project this evening after work.

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6/4/10 00:15 (UTC)
roxy: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] roxy
Go, girl, go!!!!


LOL!!!! I will *so* be stealing that!!!

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6/4/10 14:31 (UTC)
pandarus: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] pandarus
Oh, bless you.

::looks around at squallor of tiny shoebox-sized apartment::

Man, I SO grok this. I think that breaking it down into tiny little bitesized chunks is an EXCELLENT strategy, and something I shall try to do.


Good luck with the 15M4K Project!


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