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The second of Neale Donald Walsch's Three Secrets To Ending the Struggle and Making Your Life Work is that there's really nothing wrong, nor has there ever been.

My problems with this second secret are, I must admit, mostly on behalf of other people, in whose lives plenty is wrong, and who would understandably object to being told that turning everything into a celebration will make it right. It would be bullshit spouted from the mouth of a privileged American man with a string of massive bestsellers funding his every need.

However, this is me. If I only read this secret for myself, I can admit that it's largely true, and that the things that have gone wrong in my life have made me stronger, given me wisdom and compassion (to the extent that I have either), and turned out to be blessings in disguise.

This is Walsch's least-accessible, most mystical secret, and he articulated it poorly in the interview I listened to, and I imagine it's the one that encounters the most resistance. I'll say this, though: having it in mind made me a lot more laid-back about my recent computer problems. And maybe, if I practice it on the good days, when the bad days come, I'll be able to handle them.

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10/3/12 01:33 (UTC)
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Very interesting. I find that I sometimes manage to tap into this idea and it can be so relaxing--the other day I had a string of both weird cancellations and weird last-minute tasks/crises to attend to, and the former made it possible for me to accomplish the latter, so that at the end of the day I was left feeling mostly, "Wow, look how that all worked out!" And yet I feel like talking about that makes me seem sort of frivolous and happy-go-lucky Pollyanna-ish, and thus not adult? I'll have to pick through that to see if it seems like internal resistance (probably, sigh) or reaction to externally imposed cultural resistance.

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11/3/12 05:57 (UTC)
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I've started quoting. It's a minor addiction. You can tell me to stop. :D

I just got this in my email from the same teacher I quoted earlier:
Feel appreciation for those who provide examples of Well-being. How would you know that prosperity was possible if there wasn't some evidence of prosperity around you?

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12/3/12 06:29 (UTC)
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It really is. I love their perspective.

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10/3/12 01:42 (UTC)
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Since 1987, when I was on vacation in London and happened to see a copy of the Wall Street Journal at a time when *it was not happy* I tend to analyze problems this way:
1. Did anybody die?
2. Is anybody in articulo mortis?
3. Did the stock market crash?

If the answer to all three is "No" then I figure it is not an insoluble problem, and if it can be fully solved by throwing money at it, it is only a Type B problem.

BTW I sent you five Walsch books, albeit by Slow Boat to China, on Monday so they should be there soonish.

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10/3/12 02:38 (UTC)
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I'm wondering why if you can see that unwanted things in your life have had value for you, why you can't allow that the same could be true for everyone?

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10/3/12 06:58 (UTC)
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Ah, yes, the "my pain/experience is greater/more important/more valid/more worthy than anything you experience so how dare you talk about your life" effect.

Here's a quote about that from one of my teachers:
So many people need you to behave in a certain way for them to feel good. They condemn you for your selfishness. "How dare you be so selfish as to follow what makes you feel good? You should follow what makes us feel good." At an early age, you were convinced that you weren't smart enough to know and that somebody else should make the decisions.... You could not live in this culture during the times of your life without getting a huge amount of information relative to that, just in the way people respond to the things you do and say.

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11/3/12 05:48 (UTC)
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You're welcome! That's a big knot to untangle. I still come across it on occasion even though I've done a lot of work to make it less weighted in my life.

(Now I'm on a quest to give you the perfect icon for each comment.)

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10/3/12 10:49 (UTC)
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I find that a difficult one to grasp too!

When I was younger I was much more optimisitic, but 10 years working at the place that shall not be named (though not killing my overall optimism) did engender certain levels of stress and grrrrraaaagggh with the world. Since stopping working there the last 2 years have seen my overall optimistic and happy go lucky self re-emerge. Go figure, *G*

You say this lower down I've been somewhat browbeaten in certain online communities for being oblivious to my own luck and privilege - that kind of thing really disappoints me (in the people on the comms not you)! We seem to spend so much time focused on the downside and not enough on the good things. Though I do appreciate that LJ/DW can be a massively useful safety valve to vent when things are not good. It kept me from going off the rails both at work and during mum's last illness by the simple fact I could come home and vent into the virtual void and decompress.

I think Walsch's there's really nothing wrong, nor has there ever been is hugely situational. Applied to my own life I'd agree, but then again I've been incredibly lucky - seriously whenever my back has been to the wall something happens and things turn out OK. I've often joked to [personal profile] ravurian that I feel as if I have a guardian angel (if I believed in such things) or at least The Universe seems to keep an eye out for me.

But I'd hestitate to apply his statement across the board because there are lots of people who have huge numbers of things wrong in their lives. Like you I think it's insulting to suggest that all anyone needs is an attitude adjustment to be able to deal!

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11/3/12 05:53 (UTC)
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RE: Your third point. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, yes!

If you've never checked out my profile page, you should. Definitely watch the video.

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10/3/12 12:49 (UTC)
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On the one hand I agree with you that every day problems shouldn't be blown out of proportion, and there's something to be said for viewing them as unimportant and/or learning experiences. On the other hand, there are situations which are bad and which you ought to get out of as soon as you possibly can. If you are being abused, or your child is starving, it probably is easier to cope with it if you adjust your attitude, but that doesn't make either of those things good things, and it would still be better to get out of that situation altogether if that's humanly possible.

From my own personal POV, I would say that you can be in a situation where things really are highly damaging, and the solution is not to accept it, but to get away.

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10/3/12 23:08 (UTC)
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Walsch's secret in this case reminds me a little of some guy I read years ago, who said something along the lines of 'What do you mean I'm not successful? To date I have managed to find enough to eat and avoid being eaten!' which when borne in mind during trying times, if it doesn't help, (and it usually does), it makes me laugh.


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