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My DW account has been hit hard by a spammer, and I'm afraid that a number of people's comments have been replied to with those sincere-sounding, but strangely badly-spelled, ripostes from Anonymous X4&#KNB%$ that go, "I love what you said here and I would be honored to have your opinion about something else."

Prior instances have tended to hit a single post of mine with multiple comments, so I could just disable commenting on that post. This one is hitting all over the board.

It probably goes without saying that replying to one of these isn't a good idea. I'm sorry for the hassle.

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3/7/12 05:04 (UTC)
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Not a problem here thankfully.

Hey, will be passing Portland probably on the 9th, with M. Not sure when yet. Leaving SF at o'dark 30 on the 9th (have to work until 11 the night before).
Should I call and see if you have time for lunch/dinner?

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4/7/12 15:09 (UTC)
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Ok, plans firming up as far as they probably will. Looks like I have to work till midnight on Sun. That means we will be getting up very, very early Mon and leaving. Should be into Portland, with the dog, around 6 or 7.

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4/7/12 06:26 (UTC)
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Have you turned on CAPTCHA? Also, you should remove their "name" and the quote from this post as they'll keep zeroing in on it.


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