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I've now lost half of the weight I regained during my period of neglect and denial. That's nice--it's wonderful, in fact, and I feel empowered and my knees are starting to look square again--but let the record emphasize: three months. To re-lose seven pounds.

I don't think this is because fat-burning itself has become inherently slower or harder (due to age, or a "set point", or too many diets or whatever). It's as if the metabolic controls just need time--about two months in my case--to rev down, switch fuel sources from today's food to yesterday's stored fat, and then rev up again.

A weight graph showing a strong downward trend, exceeding the planned weight loss
I'm currently outpacing my plan. So, time to up the plan.

Now that we're out of reverse and moving forward again, my body and I decided yesterday to shift into a higher gear. (I know. It was spaceships last time. Now it's cars.) So I recalibrated the controls from three quarters of a pound a week to a pound. Instead of 1480 net calories a day, I get 1380*.

And sure enough, I'm feeling hungry again. Yep: 100 calories less and you feel it. A hundred calories more? Not so much. That, in a nutshell, is the whole problem. That right there is what hacking the system is designed to manage, because feeling extra calories doesn't come naturally for people like me.

I anticipate about three days of slight hunger before the engine catches up and starts taking those 100 calories off my ass and thighs every day.

*I'd love to fantasize that I'll exercise those 100 calories off, but realistically that's an extra 15-minute walk or bike-ride, so it's probably going to come out of the food side of the equation.
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