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I find that vaping is harder on my lungs than I'm comfortable with, so, having toked up a whole half gram of cannabis concentrate, I'm looking for alternatives.

I suspect that my uptake wasn't good (I coughed it all out instantly!) and that I might not have gotten adequate doses, because after that first miraculous end of toothache misery, I couldn't replicate the pain-relief results. Once the offending tooth was extracted and the local wore off, I was in misery and no number of hits on the vape pen had the slightest impact.

But I can't keep relying on ibuprofen, and I am not resorting to opioids. I have arthritis, it's a problem, and joint-replacement surgery isn't really on the table.

So, next stop: sublingual CBD tincture.

Also, actually doing the exercises I went to physical therapy to learn. And maybe not sitting so much.

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13/3/17 23:54 (UTC)
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I have had people swear by tinctures; for me, they all tend to taste weird and I have serious problems swallowing things that taste weird. But that is a very me-specific quirk and you will likely be fine.

You may also want to try something that's more evenly CBD:THC at some point, to see if the THC gives you relief. I find that CBD doesn't actually do a whole lot for my migraines so I take the THC capsules instead, but there are a lot of options. I know out here there are some tinctures that are indica and CBD balanced, so good for pain relief and relaxation. I don't know what Oregon has, though, since the industry varies by state.

(Also, I had an emergency tooth pull Saturday night. Fun times. The ibuprofen's doing it for me for now, though.)

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14/3/17 20:24 (UTC)
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I actually needed two teeth extracted but I only opted to get one pulled because the other one wasn't hurting much at the time and I'd rather get it pulled by someone not the emergency dentist so I can get things like nitrous oxide. I have developed some understandable anxiety around dental work given the last few years.

And now I need more ibuprofen. Ugh.

I wish you luck in your pot quest!

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14/3/17 00:47 (UTC)
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Things that might help with joint pain: water exercise targeted for arthritis; working with a really good restorative yoga practitioner; tai chi. I've never had acupuncture, but certainly a lot of people swear by it for arthritis pain.

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14/3/17 14:17 (UTC)
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Thanks to women who like to swim but have religious dress codes, you can buy things for swimming that are basically leggings and long-sleeved t-shirts rather than conventional bathing suits!

I wonder if Alexander Technique would also help? Using one's body in an unbalanced manner creates strains that are painful and the pain further restricts motion...

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14/3/17 16:43 (UTC)
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Perhaps someone in your neighborhood regularly drives near your Alexander teacher's office, and would cheerfully pick you up on schedule in exchange for gas money. (In a romcom, someone who is trying to establish himself as a photographic model would answer your Craigslist ad...)

Another thing to think about is a sports podiatrist--maybe (an) orthotic(s) would smooth out mechanical problems enough to reduce pain meaningfully.

Anthony Sher's diary about playing Richard III really changed my thinking--he consulted an osteopath so he could portray someone with a severely unbalanced body without ruining his own body.

I didn't start studying ballet until after law school, and I didn't start pointe work for many years. ONCE I managed to get my body perfectly aligned and whipped off an effort-free series of turns. It didn't hurt at all! Mind you I was never able to find that balance point again, but it showed the difference between efficient and balanced stance and inefficient and unbalanced stance.

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14/3/17 18:10 (UTC)
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I spent some of my Blakes7 viewing shouting at the screen: "Of course you've got a backache, Avon, you have terrible posture!"

A lot of people cry during/after massages, because the bodywork releases emotions that were trapped in the muscles.

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14/3/17 01:19 (UTC)
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I tried some Lion Balm the the other day. Put some on one sore elbow, left the other one alone. Didn't notice much difference for a while, but after a couple of hours the treated elbow felt a LOT better (as in the pain went away) and the effect lasted well into the next day. The untreated elbow continued a low grade soreness.
So far I haven't bought any for myself, but that is just because I don't have my card yet....

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14/3/17 01:35 (UTC)
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I'd love to get a report on the CBD; My doctor suggested it last time we spoke. I have chronic pain, but I'm holding off on this option until I know from someone that it won't get me high.

Hope you find some relief.

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14/3/17 04:03 (UTC)
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Hi. I have chronic pain and use pot. CBD won't get you high. It'll maybe give you a relaxed feeling in your body, but there's nothing in it to get you actually high. THC is what will do that. There are a myriad of options for CBD-heavy products, and some will do a mix of CBD and THC, which is useful for me because CBD doesn't do enough on its own to relieve my pain.

I'm in WA so my experience is with the market up here, but I've been using for a few years now. If you have questions, feel free to ask, I've done a bunch of research.

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15/3/17 01:26 (UTC)
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thank you. will DM in a bit.

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14/3/17 19:21 (UTC)
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thank you for the links, etc. I'd love a copy of the book as well. [If all goes well, I'm picking up a 27 year chip in a couple of weeks.]

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14/3/17 19:23 (UTC)
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I'm in California. In the SF bay area to boot. I've just been hesitant for the reason I mentioned above. Sometimes it just feels like a slippery slope I should not climb.

Then again, I'm also trying to avoid opiates, and am tapering off something related to an opiate because I cannot stand the side effects.

And my doctor prescribed it, and and and ... confusion abounds.
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