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When you turn 60, joke-getting-old cards actually become funny. Who knew?

This one was from my little sister, who's only 58.

birthday card front showing two old ladies in a red car with shiny sunglasses and laughing. One asks Where we headed? and the other says I don't know!

birthday card inside showing same two old ladies. The second one is saying 'I thought you were driving!
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Most American bike-riders know that Portland is pretty forward in the bike movement. Well, check this out! I took it from an announcement* that was just released to employees of the City of Portland this morning:

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the first FURLOUGH FRIDAY for the City, so don’t come to work. In case you missed Wednesday’s Council meeting, an emergency ordinance was passed to create furlough days for all employees on the first and last Friday of each month. The salary savings will be used to fund the new Portland Bicycle Streetcar Project, which makes specialized streetcars available for bicyclists who don’t want to get wet when it rains. Each streetcar is equipped with treadmills so the bicyclists can ride their bikes while riding the streetcar. A Portland Loo will be installed in each car. The Portland Bicycle Streetcar Project is part of City Council’s desire to get 150% of all citizens to ride bicycles by next Thursday.

* In the Daily News, the production of a waggish friend of mine.
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In honor of George Carlin, here's a hilarious routine he did 22 years ago.

Stuff )

I'm Swiss.

Jun. 17th, 2008 07:41 pm
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I just watched Bill Maher's "I'm Swiss" (And Other Treasonous Statements), a DVD of a live show from March 2005.

I recommend the show on general principles--he's funny, reliably politically incorrect, smart, blasphemous, and wonderfully foulmouthed while managing not to be mean-spirited--and because it was filmed right here in Stumptown and kind of showcases the awesomeness of Portland's progressive audiences.

But mostly I wanted to share the segment called "It's the Food".

The whole issue in a Bill Maher nutshell )

'Bout sums it up, I'd say. Good job, Bill.

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