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2/3/18 18:52
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I am pleased to announce the official publication of Restraint.

The journey from fanfic to published novel has been a long one. It involved a steep learning curve, certification as an editor, and eleven full drafts over three years.

The resulting novel is 43% smaller than its fanfic original. Its average chapter length dropped from 3600 to 2100 words. I toned down the period language a bit. Tightened up the plot. Cut a few characters and a couple of subplots.

And yeah, deleted a lot of scenes, some of them beloved. Those were hard decisions. But I think it's a better story now.

Its heart remains the same. It's still the romantic, bittersweet story of lifelong forbidden love between a portrait artist and a nobleman who face down gossip, blackmail, and censure to be together any way they can.

a word-cloud in earth tones on a black background, featuring John, Tristan, and keywords from the novel Restraint

Anne Hawley aka DarkEmeralds holding a copy of her novel Restraint

You can get it now in print and Kindle from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Australia.

And Iif you do, 'd be so pleased and honored if you wanted to write me a little Amazon or Goodreads review, and tell your friends.

Cover art for Restraint, A Novel, by Anne Hawley, depicting a long haired young man in Regency attire, white poet shirt, brocade waistcoat and tight-fitting yellow buckskin breeches, lounging in a high-backed chair

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3/3/18 04:19 (UTC)
ranunculus: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] ranunculus
That is a wonderful achievement.
I will definitely go find a copy.

Hope all is well otherwise up there.

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3/3/18 05:24 (UTC)
dine: (tricorns - semyaza)
Posted by [personal profile] dine
it's truly a lovely book (I've not yet finished it, but shall def. be signalboosting this in my next post)

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3/3/18 05:58 (UTC)
sasha_feather: John and Rodney from Stargate: Atlantis (love of your life)
Posted by [personal profile] sasha_feather
Oh wow!! Congratulations! :D

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3/3/18 09:31 (UTC)
pinesandmaples: Text only; reads "Not everything will be okay, but some things will." (art: everything)
Posted by [personal profile] pinesandmaples
Wonderful! I'm delighted for you.

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3/3/18 13:45 (UTC)
donutsweeper: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] donutsweeper
Oooh, congrats! How exciting! That looks amazing!

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3/3/18 14:39 (UTC)
sporky_rat: Torches outside the Bulgarian Communist Headquarters. (post from the ether)
Posted by [personal profile] sporky_rat
Edited (mobile keyboards and autocorrect are the bane of my existance) 3/3/18 14:39 (UTC)

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3/3/18 15:06 (UTC)
panisdead: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] panisdead
I'm so thrilled to see this! I'll buy it later today. Wonderful news!

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3/3/18 15:29 (UTC)
branchandroot: oak against sky (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] branchandroot
Congratulations! (And that cover came out really well!)

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3/3/18 18:48 (UTC)
rainkatt: woman (me!) in dress and sunhat, wading in surf at beach (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] rainkatt
Congratulations! Just bought the Kindle version, though it's so pretty, I kind of want the paperback...

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3/3/18 19:52 (UTC)
lyr: (Snoopy dance: queer_ishmael_)
Posted by [personal profile] lyr
Woot! I downloaded a copy already. Congratulations!

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3/3/18 21:06 (UTC)
tehomet: (Dean/Sam smooching in colour)
Posted by [personal profile] tehomet
OMG, congratulations! I'm delighted for you!

I normally dodge Amazon like root canal but couldn't resist ordering a print copy. I will read it and review it immediately. So excited! :D

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7/3/18 18:01 (UTC)
tehomet: (Dean/Sam smooching in colour)
Posted by [personal profile] tehomet
I appreciate you writing it. :)

My goodness, the cover came out extremely well.

(The icon, yes :D)

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16/3/18 17:32 (UTC)
tehomet: (Dean/Sam smooching in colour)
Posted by [personal profile] tehomet
The book arrived today!

I'm restraining myself :) from reading it right now, but as soon as I have a free moment...

:D :D :D

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4/3/18 18:02 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] silk_knickers
This is so exciting. Paperback ordered, and it should arrive in time for my upcoming three day weekend. Congratulations!

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23/3/18 17:34 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] thishobbitslife

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23/3/18 17:39 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] thishobbitslife
I haven't checked in here for ages, and last night something reminded me of it. Glad I did!!


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