Feb. 11th, 2013 02:37 pm
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Evidently I needed a pair of cufflinks.

A Swarovski black and crystal cufflink in a black French cuff on a black shirt being worn by DarkEmeralds

And, because it's surprisingly difficult to get a good picture of enamel and crystal cufflinks when they are, in fact, inserted in your own cuffs:

Commercial image of Swarovski black and crystal cufflinks

My new Docs

Jan. 7th, 2013 07:13 pm
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Just a fly-by post to show off my new shoes. They arrived from Zappo's today. I am so wearing my magenta jeans to work tomorrow.

Also? Vacuuming the rug. Geez.

A pair of magenta Doc Martens oxfords against a multi-colored rug
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Sartorial )

I'm really having fun. And I'm working on some actual pictures of myself before and after Dressing Your Truth.
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In the Dressing Your Truth system, only Type 4 is supposed to wear black, and then only really black black. When your Type 4 black jeans begin to show a greenish cast, or your tidy Type 4 black denim jacket goes white around the edges, DYT recommends getting new ones.

But that's because they don't know about Blackest Black. Blackest Black is like Goth nirvana or something. All they sell is their special blend of very, very black reactive cold-water dye.

It took my order a while to arrive--they're in the Netherlands--and when I began to despair, they offered to ship me a new order free of charge. That's now nice they are. But my package arrived an hour after that email exchange, so all is well.

Before )

Okay, wish me luck. Off I go to the repurposed recycling bin that's sitting in my bathtub.
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I've made some progress towards Dressing My Truth, without actually overburdening my one and only credit card (much).

The program suggests a 30-day trial using what you already own before giving away everything in your closet. That gives you time to develop your eye, test the system, and not be completely, obsessively rash make informed decisions.

Three bags full. )

Type 4

Jun. 17th, 2012 09:54 pm
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I've been like a convert to a new religion lately. Dressing Your Truth is my latest thing, and I've been running around trying to resist the urge to put all its precepts into practice, right now, perfectly, in my clothes, hair, makeup, accessories, jewelry, bike, home decor, and blog style.

With my Freeze Ray I will stop the world. )

Two words

Oct. 4th, 2011 03:00 pm
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[personal profile] executrix sent me a gorgeous book, Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design by Danielle LaPorte and Carrie McCarthy.

It looks like a coffee-table book of fashion and personal style, but it's really about discovering your true values. Big changes are on my horizon, and Style Statement looked like a great way to start designing the next phase of my life.

A battered street sign for North Kalaheo Avenue in Kailua, Hawaii1

It is. )


Jul. 16th, 2011 12:37 pm
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WHEREAS fitness clubs are made of mirrors; and

WHEREAS discouragement, resignation and embarrassment all actually, literally weaken the muscles; and

WHEREAS the purpose of being in a fitness club is, in part, to strengthen the muscles; and

WHEREAS saggy, baggy, sloppy, oversized exercise clothes, however comfy in theory, do not disguise the remaining thirty excess pounds, but emphasize them;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that DarkEmeralds will wear exercise clothes that actually fit, and damn the voice in her head that says "but they don't cover my big ass."
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Busy in the shallow end.


Not-all-that-bloggable things which have been occupying my mind and time lately include
  • Doing my nails1
  • Trying on clothes2
  • Playing with my tablet3
  • Working out at the gym4
  • Trying new skincare products5
  • Fiddling around with Google+6
  • 750 Words7
  • Trip planning8

So while I turn into a member of some Band of Really Girly Sisters (an unanticipated morph that I lay entirely at the door of my oldest friend G, who has always been a beauty queen and my good grooming guru), I'm afraid that all substance has vacated my mind, my life, and my journal.

I might be back later. With a really nice manicure.

1With the CND Shellac system. "Zero dry time, lasts two weeks, easy off", so they say. When your nails get as old as the rest of you, a little help is in order.
2I just need a few things for my trip...
3The G-Slate from T-Mobile.
4Rebecca, my trainer, is a hardass. I think I'm doing great and she makes me do more.
5Including a sort of torture device that pokes microscopic holes in the epidermis so that the magic elixirs can penetrate to a deeper layer. It's What Technology Wants. Really.
6I agree with this assessment.
7Highly recommended writing goad tool
8 Only six weeks away! Eee!
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Wow. Fannish tailors in Nepal. If you have a chunk of spare cash lying about, you can bespeak a custom-fitted replica of
  • Heath Ledger's The Joker's coat
  • Neo's coat from The Matrix
  • The coat of any of several of the Doctors
  • Sherlock Holmes's frock coat (RDJ version--sorry, no Bendy version yet)
  • Kate Beckinsale's long leather coat from Underworld
  • Several James Bond looks
...and a whole bunch of others.

Sadly, there's no Brown Coat, but hey, they seem open to suggestion.
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I've taken some pleasure lately in the fact that I can once again buy "regular" sized clothes in "regular" stores, and have enjoyed not being limited to the sometimes-bizarre styles on offer in the plus-size shops. So it was kind of a whim for me to stop in at The Avenue this afternoon, just to look around.

A striking looking woman of my height sighed as she leafed through a rack of trousers. "They always run out of talls," she said, and I agreed that talls were rare in this shop. Then she spotted a pair, said they were a size too small, held them up, and added, "But I'm losing weight, so they might fit in a few weeks."

"How are you doing it?" I asked.

"My own way," she said. "I eat whatever I want, but less of it. I've tried everything else. Oh, and I Zumba twice a week."

You must understand that I rarely talk to strangers. I'm what you might call aloof. I don't mean to be, but I just am. Finding myself in avid conversation with a stranger in a neighborhood clothing shop was both strange and delightful, and I hope I know how to seize an opportunity when it insists. I asked this woman--Lesley, her name is--where she takes Zumba.

At a club in my neighborhood, it turns out. A nice club, a local one, where women of all sizes feel welcome. The Zumba teacher on Tuesday and Thursday evenings is plus-size herself, and everyone has a good time. "You could come with me as my guest the first time," Lesley said. "And if you wanted to join the club, I could probably talk them into giving you the discount they give me." Lesley is the type of woman who could probably talk anyone into anything. "And then you can take all the Zumba, and yoga, and Pilates classes for free! And it's open 24 hours a day!"

So I'm gonna go. We exchanged phone numbers, set a date (next Tuesday), and I'm going to meet Lesley at ME Fitness on the corner of Martin Luther King and Alberta (about 16 blocks from home), and finally try Zumba.

Oh, and I found a pair of nice black slacks in 14 Tall that look fabulous. zoz
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I went shopping at Ross Dress-For-Less this afternoon to soothe my tattered nerves after completion of a system patch that involved my working last weekend and this.

Score! )
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Too-tight clothes: not only do they look kind of bad, but they put me physically and mentally back in all the periods of my life where my weight was creeping upward as my depression deepened.

So even though my weight is moving downward now and my mood has grown ever more stable, these jeans, pinching a bit around the waist as they do and creating an unlovely muffin-top effect, are making me feel dangerously near the Bad Old Days.

The gleeful knowledge that three months ago I couldn't pull them up, and even three weeks ago I couldn't zip them up, and three weeks hence I may be casting about for a smaller size, in no way alters the fact that today they're invoking some of the worst feelings I've ever had.

So, back into the closet they go for another week or two.
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...I'm now all wrung out and limp-rag. The music in this movie is so gorgeously calculated to evoke emotion! And the helmets too! I could live without the half-dozen endings, but while the absolutely endless credits roll, I'm letting the music play and kind of coming back from Middle Earth. A hell of a good movie. It's a mystery to me that I have no LOTR icons.

*Sigh* That felt good! Just to sit on the couch and watch a great favorite movie and be moved by it.

I've been swapping brains with [personal profile] ravurian for the last several days in a remarkable exchange of magic and ideas that's causing a ferment in my mind. For one thing, he gave me the structuring idea for my next novel. It was gonna be a spinoff of Restraint, but now...well, it's coalescing around the Order of the Golden Dawn (a hundred years later than the period of Restraint), and whoa, the research I will have to do! It's going to star Colin Morgan and Bradley James. Or possibly Merlin and Arthur. I'm not sure yet. There will be magic.

In the (totally random) meantime, I would love to have these shoes. Fluevog is about to open a store here, and it's probably just as well that they don't make my size.
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I tried that this morning. It wasn't successful. I was about a quarter-mile into my ride to work, already quite late, and just...turned around and came home. No lung power. So tired--even after almost twelve hours of sleep--that I just couldn't go the remaining 3.75 miles.

(And no, St Patrick's Day was not involved. St Paddy's is also my mother's birthday, and we are a family of recovering alcoholics and addicts, so there is never any booze about, or even junk food for that matter, and, in short, it was a pleasant and abstemious little evening.)

It's probably the walkin' noooo-monia, to which I am more susceptible than to most things. A bit lungish, that's me.

So, doff helmet and raincoat, change out of somewhat constraining work attire (though Assets by Sara Blakely are awesome as misogynistic torture garments of the "you are not good enough as you are" kind go), don comfy cardigan and fuzzy slippers, and make a massive pot of tea.

And here I am. I think today would be a good day to start that new novel.

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