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Can you believe it? IKEA discontinued my pink couch and sold the very last one in the Pacific Northwest yesterday!

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The bedroom remodel is substantially complete--which is to say, things that belong in the bedroom have all been moved back into the bedroom, and I've restored the kitchen and living room to order.

DarkEm's bedroom before work began, showing the ruined wood floor, messy paint work, torn up carpet, and a general incoherent mess

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I return to my online life tomorrow, and will start getting caught up with everyone. But now, Penny Dreadful, then sleep.
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Both of my sisters came over yesterday and helped me assemble furniture. This may count as an even greater act of generosity than helping someone move house.

Both of them were calm, thorough, and patient, and even if I could have physically managed those giant wardrobes alone (I couldn't have), the task would have defeated me mentally without their help.

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The four hour delivery window stretched into a day and a half, but IKEA's trucking contractor did finally show up this evening, and a couple of cheery fellows brought 445 kg of flatpack furniture and hardware right into the bedroom for me.

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Aug. 12th, 2010 10:11 pm
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Foam mattresses are delivered rolled up. Mine came tonight at about 9:30, vacuum-packed in plastic.

What they don't tell you is that you practically need a pair of trauma shears to set it free.

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I'm tired! I want to go make my bed and lie in it.
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I've needed a new bed for at least two years. In case the 1996 purchase date of my existing Sealy Posturepedic wasn't enough of a clue, there were the increasingly old-womanish mornings of stiffness. Like, if I drop something on the floor first thing in the morning, it's gonna stay down there for at least a pot of coffee (and god help me if drop the coffee beans).

So at least two years ago, I started hemming and hawing over memory foam, latex, and inner-spring. I angsted over bed height and mattress thickness. I read WAY too many reviews online. I worried about price. I worried about sustainability. I worried about disposing of the old one.

Not surprisingly, I got confused and gave up.

Taking several other bulls of procrastination by the horns lately, like the mudroom and the backyard, really must have given me a boost, because today I took care of some financial stuff (*shudder*), and when I was done facing that fear, I went out and bought myself a damn mattress.

I took the train to IKEA, stretched out for a while on a latex and then on a memory foam, asked the guy a few questions, and bought the one that felt best (the "Sultan Finnvik," firm memory foam).

They're going to deliver it on Thursday and take my old one away, and the whole thing was about one-quarter of the price I was expecting to pay.

Gah! Why this simple shit is so hard for me I just don't know. But I love these decisive, energetic days and I wish I could manufacture more of them.

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