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After being an absolutely vile human being yesterday (mood swings of a sort) and kind of hating myself for it, I was grateful to put in twelve hours at work today. Less time to dwell on my vileness.

The long workday was broken up by a couple of walks. It was gorgeously autumnal, and Eleanor needed work, so I rode her to the shop on the east side before work and walked across to my office on the west side, then back to the shop in the afternoon. The altered route took me past one of Portland's stranger and more charming features.

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Animated gif of heavy rainfall seen through my living room window

I think at least an inch just fell. Smells wonderful. Not sure where the cats hide when it does this, poor boo-boos. This was very sudden.
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Ah, the winding-down time of year. I love the approach of autumn--even though the rainy season has made an early appearance here in Puddletown. Oh well. Time to get back in the habit of covering up my bike saddle. Ugh--white jeans + wet leather saddle = embarrassing stains.

Some miscellaneous day-brightening:

tiny white dog with a pink leash-handle, waiting alone on a bench outside Whole Foods near some pretty flowers
Dog parking at Whole Foods

All-black cat with pale eyes lounging on the patio
Meet Ivy, who has been hanging about lately. I think she has several homes, but I like to be a reliable source of food. Graydie puts up with her.

A smartphone mount on the handlebars of a bike, next to the cup-holder and the basket
Handlebar phone mount. One of my better recent acquisitions. Took me a few rides to learn to trust it but now I wouldn't be without it.
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We were going to go to the theater, my sister and I, but we ended up eating Greek food and talking for so long that we decided not to. We rode home in the splendid bright evening, and took a few pictures.

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At the gym

Apr. 15th, 2011 10:50 am
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Crossposted to [community profile] shutterspeed where the current challenge is Black and White.

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Eleanor O and the Flower Run )

Oh, and for The Eowyn Challenge, it's been slow going since I left Rivendell: nothing but crossing small streams in "empty country, rough and barren," and camping in hollows, for the last 80 miles. It's still a really long way to Moria. Thank goodness there are Trader Joe's No Name Salted Rice Cakes in my basket, huh?
darkemeralds: Naked woman on a bike, caption "I don't care, I'm still free" (Bike Freedom)
Strange. When the low mood strikes, I find myself getting out the camera more readily. A kind of word-silence descends and my primary mode--auditory--recedes.

What I see when I feel like this )

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