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Beta readers are coming back with very few notes on Restraint. The rewritten story works for them. I think it really is finished. Seth Godin (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a workshop in NYC a couple weeks ago) basically said, "Ship it."

My fear and loathing and introversion cut no ice here: whether self-publishing, signing a Big Five book contract, or undertaking some hybrid, I must promote my own novel.

temporary book cover for Restraint showing the portrait of Tristan in shades of gold, with the title Restraint, A Novel, By Anne Hawley
Not the actual cover--this is a placeholder I've been using for the reader review copy

So I need some advice.

My "platform" is the hundreds of wonderful people who originally read and rooted for and commented on the story when it was fanfic on the AO3.

Exploiting the comments section at AO3 for mass commercial self-promotion feels unethical. But let's say you were one of the people who literally asked in comments to know when the book is coming out. How would you feel about getting a reply to your long-ago AO3 comment, saying, "That day has come and here's how to find out more"?

And if you have any other thoughts about how to reach out, I would love to know your ideas!
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