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Man, did Jeff Davis and Company go to Pacing School over the hiatus? By wasting zero seconds of screen time on Scott and Allison making out or werewolves doing the risible all-fours run through the woods, they actually have quality time for all the characters!

Some slightly spoilery squee )
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If this isn't making the rounds, it totally needs to. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] prime_meridian!

How Merlin is, in fact, the Doctor
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Okay, it's not a sign or a wonder or a miracle or even a synchronicity. It's just a tweet.

And yet... )
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I want to do nothing but click through photoshoots, comment on pictures, read fic, watch eps, and work on my story, and I barely know what day it is and I don't give a shit, and any second now my supervisor is gonna come over here and say So did you accomplish ANYTHING while I was on vacation and I'll say, um, 3600 words of Sterek? and then I'll lose my job, then my house, then my internet connection FCS and then I'll die.

The end.
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[personal profile] vampirefan has just posted the most amazing collection of Teen Wolf-related links.

She's been driving the crack van for me, scouring Tumblr and lots of other resources for the juiciest gifs, publicity videos, stills, fic, podfic, fanvids, twitter accounts to follow--everything!

If you're even considering dipping a toe into TW fandom...well, watch out, because following even a tenth of these links will be like falling into the pool with Stiles and Derek and not being able to get out again.
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*eyes [personal profile] ravurian eyeingly*

I started watching Teen Wolf just...let's see here...three weeks ago. I completely dismissed it based on all the obvious things--its title, its promotional images, its general air of dumbness. Really, I need to remember that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" sounded just as stupid in its day.

Now, TW is not quite Joss, but I gotta say after this week's episode "Battlefield" that it's starting to think about approaching that standard. I have mainlined all 23 extant episodes--several of them twice--in the past three weeks, and have lured [personal profile] vampirefan into the pack. I am reading fanfic. I am considering writing fanfic. You know how rare that is.

I know everyone else is already watching it, so I won't prose on. I just want to add that the sixteen-year-old in me has a huge crush on Jackson, the thirty-year-old in me is hot for Derek, and the timeless winged being of my soul adores Stiles.

Stiles is Willow and Giles and a bit of Xander all rolled into one perfectly heroic best friend character, played by a boy with a beautiful face and his heart on his sleeve, and I just love him so.

(And so does Derek. All the fic says so, and I agree.)


Mar. 15th, 2012 02:02 pm
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I have serious subjects to discuss. I do!

But not today. )
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This post about Sherlock, by [personal profile] vampirefan, perfectly captures that rare, wonderful moment when one enters a new fandom--one of the great ones, one of the ones you know is going to eat your brain and make you commit fanworks and be with you the rest of your life.

Her tag "firefly level of love" says it all.

If you want to relive that moment, go read what she wrote about Sherlock--and leave her links and picspam and fic recs so I can comment-stalk and get them too.
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Happy birthday to my Number One Fannish Buddy, [personal profile] vampirefan! All our chatwatches, and all the fannish news and pictures and fic you point me to, have been a highlight of my year. You keep fandom alive for me, and I'm so grateful.

I'm going to get you to watch Sherlock this year. LOL!
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Wow. Fannish tailors in Nepal. If you have a chunk of spare cash lying about, you can bespeak a custom-fitted replica of
  • Heath Ledger's The Joker's coat
  • Neo's coat from The Matrix
  • The coat of any of several of the Doctors
  • Sherlock Holmes's frock coat (RDJ version--sorry, no Bendy version yet)
  • Kate Beckinsale's long leather coat from Underworld
  • Several James Bond looks
...and a whole bunch of others.

Sadly, there's no Brown Coat, but hey, they seem open to suggestion.
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Do yourself and your heart and mind a favor, and go take a look at this wonderful post by [personal profile] copracat, featuring icons of strong female characters.

Then peruse the comments, where lots more awesome women characters are represented. It made my day.
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I was up past midnight last night, lovingly frosting and decorating cookies for the office holiday pot luck.

Bears and Snowflakes )

Food and eating )

In other pleasant holiday-themed news, [personal profile] dine and I met for pulled pork and top-notch fandom conversation last night at Russell Street Barbecue, where she presented me with a Christmas card, depicting an extremely fine naked male torso and the admonition that he knows when I've been good or bad, so be bad, for goodness' sake. It's adorable.

There is such a difference between talking to regular people and talking to fellow fans about fannish stuff. Nearly two hours flew by, and I biked on home afterwards feeling good about myself and satisfied with my evening, instead of wondering if I seemed odd, you know?
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Why I Contribute Cashy Money to the OTW, by DarkEmeralds

An Archive of Our Own, pure and simple.

The AO3 is what I've been waiting for my entire fannish life: a place where fans can post and store their fanworks, without fear of strikethroughs, account terminations, cease-and-desists, or closure based on content*. A multi-fandom treasure-trove of written works, the AO3 might soon be a place for vids, too!

I want the AO3 to grow and endure, so I give them money. Not a lot, but after supporting a big national charity for years through my employer's giving campaign, last year I took a few minutes and arranged to send that same regular, small amount to the OTW instead.

It was easy! It was painless! And every payday I get an email from my credit union saying that a latte-factor's worth of money has gone to an organization that supports, understands and loves something that makes my life a more joyful and creative place.

I've never been happier with a money contribution, never more certain that what I'm supporting with my scarce dollars is genuinely worth my support.

For me it's all about the Archive, but the OTW is active on several important fannish fronts, notably legal advocacy of fanworks, and scholarly work in the area of fanworks and fandom. Besides, they are just plain cool people, responsive to their members, excited and open about what they do.

I hope that fandom people who can spare a few bucks will consider giving them to the OTW. It will make you smile.

*Their terms of service are here. The key bit, for me, is this: "Unless it violates some other policy, we will not remove Content for offensiveness, no matter how awful, repugnant, or badly spelled we may personally find that content to be."
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I'm now watching episodes of Merlin with the commentaries on.

Oh dear. That's a sure sign of the apocalypse: a new fandom. 1.07 has the director, ASH, and Bradley James being cute and bitchy and darling--and not a little slashy.

No hope. None.

ETA: Colin Morgan's natural voice is awesome.
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I've watched every episode of Merlin from 101 to 303 in the last week. Now I'm sad because I have to wait almost a week for another ep.

I've been entirely outside the Merlin fandom (it was [personal profile] pandarus's fantastic The Student Prince that enticed me to actually watch the canon source material), so I don't really know what's being said or thought about it, but I'm loving it.

For one thing: lots of pretty, of course. For another, the primary relationship is so passionate, and the supposedly fated heterosexual pairings so free of chemistry, that it's no damn wonder the show has such a slash fandom following.

But mostly it's Colin Morgan. What a face! He's absolutely gorgeous in a way that no American producer would ever allow to be revealed. He acts uncertain and a bit clumsy and terribly earnest and sincere, and all the while he sort of fools the camera into thinking he's a Calvin Klein model, and it makes him riveting to watch.

So, Merlin. Totally hooked.
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A little signal boost for this fantastic video. If you've ever liked anything Joss Whedon has ever done, I think this will add a little joy to your life today:

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Dear Self:

Next time you're tempted by the ranty goodness, remember a few simple guidelines )

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