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Not so much working a lot as...well, working hard at finding ways to stop working so much.

This is taking up lots of mental space and most of my time. It involves EFT tapping (self-administered and professional), some healthcare (like a neck and head massage to loosen up the jaw whose rigid clenched-ness is preventing me from progressing in my voice lessons), and heavy use of the Internet Anagram Server*.

So I'm sitting on the porch with my sis late yesterday, musing on the extraordinary changes she's making in her life and groping my way to similar changes in my own, and there's thunder a-rumbling in the black sky to the east, and suddenly...

Rainbow pizza!

A segment of rainbow in a very dark sky over Portland
Yesterday in Portland.

Then we went to IKEA and I bought a dish brush.

*There is probably a separate post in that.

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27/5/12 17:19 (UTC)
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We got some sprinkles in Ukiah, and I hear that there was pretty hard rain in some places - but not that kind of rain. Down in Mexico I once timed the rise of water in the street. It took 3 minutes to go from a dry street to water reaching the top of a tall curb. An inch of rain in an hour is a LOT of rain!

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27/5/12 17:39 (UTC)
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Wow, glad I'm not hiking up those stairs!

In the winter here in California I guess there have been extreme rains in the past. There is a picture of the intersection of Church and Market streets in 1941 where the intersection is under feet of water. This is the intersection that they are installing a vent in for the underground Muni tracks!!!

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27/5/12 17:50 (UTC)
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In general I agree with you. In this case I don't. The vent is new, supposed to be installed in the next month.
This particular point is -the- collection point for an entire drainage area, and is in fact very close to where the water supply was for the Mission Dolores, the initial Spanish fort and church in San Francisco. Certainly this was a streambed before humans paved it over.

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27/5/12 22:39 (UTC)
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If we're looking for Meaning (which I invariably am), I'm seeing a (positive) rainbow meeting an abrupt hard line ...

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29/5/12 12:12 (UTC)
kis: (General: sisyphus)
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The growing and growing must account for your optimism in your other reply! :D

Hee. Neat cover.

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8/6/12 23:15 (UTC)
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That's amazing. How does that even happen?

And then the Ikean dish brush. :D

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8/6/12 23:57 (UTC)
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