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I've now lost half of the weight I regained during my period of neglect and denial. That's nice--it's wonderful, in fact, and I feel empowered and my knees are starting to look square again--but let the record emphasize: three months. To re-lose seven pounds.

I don't think this is because fat-burning itself has become inherently slower or harder (due to age, or a "set point", or too many diets or whatever). It's as if the metabolic controls just need time--about two months in my case--to rev down, switch fuel sources from today's food to yesterday's stored fat, and then rev up again.

A weight graph showing a strong downward trend, exceeding the planned weight loss
I'm currently outpacing my plan. So, time to up the plan.

Now that we're out of reverse and moving forward again, my body and I decided yesterday to shift into a higher gear. (I know. It was spaceships last time. Now it's cars.) So I recalibrated the controls from three quarters of a pound a week to a pound. Instead of 1480 net calories a day, I get 1380*.

And sure enough, I'm feeling hungry again. Yep: 100 calories less and you feel it. A hundred calories more? Not so much. That, in a nutshell, is the whole problem. That right there is what hacking the system is designed to manage, because feeling extra calories doesn't come naturally for people like me.

I anticipate about three days of slight hunger before the engine catches up and starts taking those 100 calories off my ass and thighs every day.

*I'd love to fantasize that I'll exercise those 100 calories off, but realistically that's an extra 15-minute walk or bike-ride, so it's probably going to come out of the food side of the equation.

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9/9/12 20:02 (UTC)
ruric: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] ruric
I remain impressed by the results you are getting.

I'm hoping once I start the new job, cycling to and from work my kick start my fitness regime again! *G* I;m not doing too badly with the healthy eating but definitely need to up the exercise quotient of my lifestyle. And start doing weights again.

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9/9/12 20:56 (UTC)
ravurian: (sucking cock)
Posted by [personal profile] ravurian
I want a body like Tyler Hoechlin's. Or a go on one for a couple of hours.

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9/9/12 22:26 (UTC)
ruric: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] ruric
I'd settle for a go on him *G*

Though somewhere there is an interview with him talking about how he didn't kill it so much in the gym this season and had put on some weight (like 14lbs?) so Dylan was a tad grumpy when they came to film the pool scene!

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10/9/12 00:43 (UTC)
ruric: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] ruric
You are more likey right - I'm remembering it 2nd or third hand from Tumblr - I;ve not tracked down the original interview yet *G*

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9/9/12 22:24 (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] ruric
I am intending to try and commute by bike (not sure how well that will hold up in the cold, wet & dark months of December & January but I figured I can at least try for October & November). I've yet to do a test cycle - but have figured out a route where I can do quite a lot either off-road or on quiet roads. It's just under 4 miles so an 8 mile-ish round trip. (SNAP!) Hoping to do a test ride either tomorrow morning or Tuesday morning!

There's one hill early on the way to Brixton from mine (but it's not a huge hill - more of a gentle climb, enough to get the heart rate up be not be killing) and I think most of the rest of the ride will be pretty flat with a slight incline down at the end. Reversing it on the way home a long but very gentle climb from Brixton to Streatham and then downhill to Tooting.

I get so freakily hot when I cycle I tend to ride in in my gym gear. Need to find out whether they have showers at work or whether I'll have to pop down to the local gym (about 5 mins away from the office). Also need to establish whether they have anywhere to leave my bike safely.

I actually enjoy very specific types of exercise I just need to gear up to it again *G*. I'm going to look for a personal trainer to work with at least a couple of times a month, either see if I can find one at the gym in Brixton so I could go before/after work or find one in Tooting for after work. I know the classes I want to take again (Body Balance is awesome and I'd like to try Pilates or yoga again - something involving streaching/flexibility to compensate for weights work) but I love boxing training. Something about hitting things really appeals *G* and is brilliant stress relief. So far I've only worked with male PTs because they never start by asking how much weight you want to lose - they seem much more focused on strength and health objectives, and I've had great results rapidly increasing my cadio & strength with them! I figured out I could be fit and heavy when working out with PPTM - he pushed me hard and my cardio was incredible as was my ability to lift stuff. I didn't drop body weight, but then again I was eating ALL the food because I was working out so hard most of the time!

This time around I want to work a bit harder on the balance - I know if I cut back the carbs and up the protein I'll feel better. *G*

Now I actually have clear floor space (physically clearing the decks!) in the living room I can dig out my weights and balance ball and work out at home sometimes too.

And yes - watching Tyler Hoechlin is certainly making me want to get back into the gym! I want muscles definition back in my arms (and the strength to easily carry my bike up and down the stairs into my flat).

I'm on [community profile] bicycles I just don't say anything *G* and thanks for the BikeLondon & Twitter link!

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10/9/12 16:25 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] silk_knickers
I'm really glad you are posting these updates again, because they help guilt me into trying to be more active and eat more healthfully myself. You (and, yes, Tyler's abs) are inspiring. :) And, you know me, I can't resist a good chart.

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11/9/12 09:11 (UTC)
macaron62: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] macaron62
thanks for that information. Weight isues are so incredibly hard. I really leapt upon your comment about your "period of neglect and denial". I am so there at the moment after a 25kg loss and several months stuck at the same weight. I find myself letting the old food habit and self talk creep back in. Am I crazy or what?

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12/9/12 10:26 (UTC)
macaron62: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] macaron62
Thanks for the inspiration. I am really pleased and proud of myself for the weight loss. However, I can't just sit back and let this go. I will refocus, remember all the strategies that have worked for me and get back on track. My goal is primarily health. I want to be a healthy, strong woman. Thanks again!

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17/9/12 00:03 (UTC)
karen_jk: Melissa (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] karen_jk
Not sure how you are sure of your calories down to removing just 100 per day.

I started Weightwatchers and points a month ago, did it for 3 weeks, then stopped when life got crazy. I want to go back on it, since I know that only by calorie counting will I lose weight...but I'm not sure I could be as precise as you are about it. Or how to.


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