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I now have most of the props for my book cover photo shoot. Spray paint, pins, hot glue, RIT Dye, masking tape, old curtains, bits of hardware, an actual riding crop off eBay--I really haven't had this much crafty fun in ages.

The lighting is pretty good. I'm pleased with the complementary orange/blue color scheme--which was a happy accident. It was time to put a body in the chair and start testing poses.

So I asked my sister to don the shirt and drape the (very skinny) "buckskin breeches" (linen drawstring pants, still awaiting modification) over her legs, and strike the attitude.

I liked the effect, so I pasted on the head of the actual model I hope to hire for the photo shoot.

test book cover art for Restraint, showing a long haired and barefoot young man in Regency garb lounging in an ornate wingback chair

(The professional graphic designer will be charged with a real layout and real fonts. It's still up to me to tweak the costume. The draped column might have to go.)

What do you think?

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25/3/17 03:44 (UTC)
ranunculus: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] ranunculus
Head too big for the body. Otherwise great.

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25/3/17 04:30 (UTC)
dine: (yay)
Posted by [personal profile] dine
good job for an amateur! you've def. sketched out the basics, and I think it'll work just fine once all is assembled and the actual model is involved in the shoot

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25/3/17 17:34 (UTC)
panisdead: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] panisdead
I like the colors as well. Agreed that something about the draped column needs to be modified. Take it out and drop the painting down? Leave it but move the painting down and right? The model's right arm looks artificially short from that angle.

Awesome props and set up overall.

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20/5/17 17:00 (UTC)
tehomet: (Blue teacups stacked)
Posted by [personal profile] tehomet
That chap has amazing cheekbones. I'm glad to hear that he's 6'4". I do hope you hire him. Love the setup and the candle holder too.

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25/5/17 20:03 (UTC)
tehomet: (Dean/Sam smooching in colour)
Posted by [personal profile] tehomet
Oh, marvellous! :D


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