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Mar. 2nd, 2017 10:04 am
darkemeralds: detail of beaded purse, caption One Bead At a Time (Details)
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I need a book cover!

There are quickie template-based designs online, and there's $5000 for original artwork, and there's not much in between.

"Well, what do you want to wind up with?" asked my sister Helen.

"Basically this," said I:
Working cover of Restraint, a photograph manipulated to look something like an oil painting, featuring Jared Padalecki's face on Johnny Depp's tuxedo-wearing body slouched in an enormous baroque brocade armchair, all in tones of red and gold

"...but a) without Jared Padalecki's face; b) not stolen from a copyright fashion shoot with Johnny Depp; and c) featuring a poet shirt and buckskin breeches rather than that 20th century tuxedo."

"So let's do our own photoshoot."

Well, why not? We have cameras. Everybody has a camera. We have tripods and lights and friends and junk shops and Craigslist. What the hell.

All we need is a tall, lanky red-haired model. And a high-backed wing chair. And some gold brocade. And a poet shirt. Some yellowish pants. A riding crop. A few gew-gaws that can pass for Georgian ornaments.

Yesterday I found the chair on Craigslist--twenty bucks! And they delivered it in an hour!
Wingback chair from the 1980s, upholstered in beige and puce chintz
(Just add gold brocade), feeling lucky, I went to the Rebuilding Center and came back with some ornamental junk for under $10.
Spray paint and some odds and ends that can be transformed into Baroque junk

...and then I found this thing at the corner resale shop. Weighs a ton!
Curlicue brass rococo looking brass wall sconce for four candles

Still to come:
  • Large quantities of gold brocade
  • Drippy candles
  • An oriental style rug
  • That poet shirt
  • A model
Wish me luck!
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