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...why I painted my porch bright purple (the paint color was actually called Red Meets Blue) until I got a security camera--and a bright, sunny (albeit VERY CHILLY) day. Now I can enjoy my color choice from indoors, on my phone. 

Purple porch deck
The technology of home security is weird. I don't want or expect to catch any villains with this thing. Mostly, I want to see who's at my door, or whether my cat Graydie is sitting there wanting to come in.

But since it's brand new, I'm having fun turning on the speaker at night, saying, "Hey Boo-boo," and getting Graydie to look up at the camera. 

Porch at night with glowy-eye cat

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7/12/18 20:40 (UTC)
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Back in the days of answering machines, I used to call home from work and talk to my cat. I wish I could have seen his reaction!

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8/12/18 01:24 (UTC)
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Alas, your photos aren't showing up.

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8/12/18 04:01 (UTC)
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Now it's showing up. They're not terribly large photos, they shouldn't be not showing up.

Hmm. Now I want to poke at it.

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8/12/18 14:44 (UTC)
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That would fix it! Google Photos doesn't like to share photos, and oh my GOSH the old Rich Text Editor is falling apart.
(Have you tried the new Beta Create Entries page? It's kinda swanky. It doesn't have a Rich Text Editor *yet* but it's coming!)


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