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I timed my Season One and Season Two re-watch to end yesterday, so I could launch right into Season Three (which just dropped on Netflix). I'm trying to figure out what I find so compelling about this show. The theme music was running in my head all day today, saying, "Go home! Turn on Netflix! Watch Season Three!" like some kind of addiction.

I'm kind of fannish on Philip and Trevor, and wouldn't hate it if some more fic were to appear....

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16/12/18 05:08 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] silk_knickers
I paused my Netflix subscription this fall because I had too much going on at work, but they keep dropping new seasons of shows I watch and it is getting hard to resist. Maybe I'll binge around the New Year.

I remember being really shocked that the team executed their main mission *so early* in season one. I'm just used to sci-fi shows dragging that kind of thing out as long as possible to maintain the "mystery." I really appreciated that twist.

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16/12/18 06:08 (UTC)
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As usual: Who? What? Does it involve building a fence?

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16/12/18 09:18 (UTC)
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Yes! I may have just um acquired S3 last night. I plan on binge watching either next week or next weekend :)
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16/12/18 15:13 (UTC)
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I didn't know season 3 was out!

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16/12/18 19:11 (UTC)
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I love this show! The characters are so great. I like that the men are soft and caring and the women are tough. I like the "fish out of water" feeling where they have to adapt and learn a new (old) culture.

I will probably watch some s3 this week. I'm also catching up on other shows so it may be a little while.

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17/12/18 01:29 (UTC)
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I saw it was back and watched 8 eps in a row yesterday.

I'm not enjoying this season as much as the first two, but that's still enough. I think I really loved the trying to fit into the 21st century, the love for mundane things they didn't have, the body dysphoria thing re age etc, and just the way they become attached to the people their bodies were close to and have to work around that....

I'm a bit annoyed this season by the way everyone's becoming a traveler and the 4 different groups all fighting one another somehow. It's getting too complex and our guys are getting a little lost in there...

And yes, Philip and Trevor are the best. I love them (and Marcy, though her BF is an asshole "good guy")


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