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Finally! The Bathroom is all done: towel bars are up, the heated floor is on, the toilet paper has a holder, everything's working.

Come on 'a my house, my house )

And so life is fine.
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Monsoon came back today from his long (but very comfortable) exile at my mother's house, and after a bit of a pout in the basement, seemed very glad to be home.

My Serenity DVD arrived this afternoon, and I'm going to make a new Christmas Eve tradition of watching it. With a shot of Laphroaig. And maybe some cake.

I hope all my LJ friends are enjoying as pleasant a holiday as I am. )

Okay, I'm cracking my bottle of Laphroaig and cueing up the DVD.

Merry Christmas, everybody.
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Because I know you all have nothing better to be interested in at the height of this holiday season, I thought I'd post another obsessive OMG is it done yet?? update.

It's half past ten, and Ed's still here working....

...determined to get as much done as possible before he leaves for Christmas. )

And did I mention? Hot water! The job passed inspection and they turned the gas on this afternoon.

If you squint, you can see the steam. )
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I was on my way home from work today when I got a call from my niece--the 11-year-old who's a huge Joss Whedon fan.

"Auntie Em," she said, "Do you remember where you left Tread Riser and the Bathtub of Resuscitation?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Well, when you get home, could you look at it?"

"Sure. But why?"

"I came over today while Uncle Ed was working, and I made you a present."

I smiled and smiled. )

That is an image I can definitely live with.
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Goodbye, porta-potty!

Plus? Sink. And Counter. )

I'm back to living in my house, though I still have to shower at the gym or at my sister's. Monsoon will be able to come home in a few days, maybe in time for Christmas. And tomorrow morning? No staggering outside in the freezing dawn. Because I finally have a toilet again!

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It's a bright, very cold, windy day in Portland today, and I've just learned that, no, that blue stuff in the porta-potty, whatever it is, isn't anti-freeze.

I'd give just about anything for a hot bath, too. )

Ed says it'll be done by Christmas. Everybody think positive, okay?


Dec. 14th, 2005 07:17 pm
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It's even prettier than I imagined!

Tile. )

Eeeeeee! It's starting to be a bathroom!
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At last. One of the exciting finishes I picked out it seems like years ago for this bathroom remodel is partly installed.

Come and see the pretty pebbles! )

The end of this project is in sight. Yay!


Dec. 11th, 2005 05:05 pm
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My participation in the bathroom remodel, up to this point, has been mostly to write checks. But finally this weekend it was my turn to get my hands dirty: I did the plastering.

Messiest job in the whole wide world. There's dust everywhere; blobs and streaks of colored plaster on my clothes, my floors, my face, my shoes, my porch, my front walkway, my car... I'm pretty sure I let as much plaster slide off the hawk and drip off the trowel as I actually got on the walls.

And the ceiling. Oh my God. My neck is so sore.

I know. Bitch bitch bitch. )

Anyway, the plaster is pretty well on, and tomorrow Ed can install the flooring and tile. And then...toilet! And then I can come home to stay. Hallelujah.
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This computer has a dialup connection--and not only a dialup connection, but one that has a maximum transfer rate of...let's see...26.4 bps. The keyboard is on a table, and the monitor is at a neck-craning 45-degree angle to it.

I'm still at my mom's house, see. And though it's very comfortable here--and the coffee is very good--the internet connectivity is gonna make me crazy.

Of course, I could go home. It's just across the river, ten miles away. But there's the outhouse problem. And besides, I'm still in my bathrobe, with a cup of said coffee, and I'm taking one of those "I hate my tormentors colleagues" days off work, and besides high-speed internet, the only thing waiting for me at home is a job of plastering the bathroom walls.

In short, the remodel is taking too long. But it's progressing. I have (cold) running water. Walls. Flooring is imminent, and as soon as that's in and cured...toilet! Whee!

Then I can lose the outhouse, and clean up the debris, and whistle innocently as the City inspector comes to approve the new gas line so I can have hot water at last.

And hope he doesn't notice that I have a whole new, completely un-permitted, bathroom behind the lovely new pocket door.


Dec. 4th, 2005 12:34 pm
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I'm back from my travels. Jet lag is pretty well over. My 50th birthday is tomorrow and look! Here's my new bathroom!

There have been...delays. )
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When Ed pulled up the subfloor of the bathroom, he discovered one of those "oops" things that I hear are inevitable in a remodel: there wasn't all that much holding up the floor.

So he took out the wimpy and too-few joists he found, and today my bathroom was the bottomless pit.

It's scary. )

Ed's going to put new joists in across the new, reinforced sill he added. He's then going to straighten the wall and add some missing studs.

In short, he's tearing down my bathroom and building a whole new one.

He assures me that it's all going to be wonderful in the end. Right now, it looks like the pit of doom. The very, very expensive pit of doom.
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Your first clue that the contractor has been demolishing your bathroom:

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. )

And? I still have a toilet and shower for one more day. After that, it's hotel time.

It echoes

Nov. 8th, 2005 10:36 am
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I've taken down all my towel bars and emptied all the bathroom drawers, shelves, and cupboards. The throw rugs and spare toilet paper and stacks of towels and bottles of shampoo that absorbed sound are gone, and my little 14-foot-long, 4.5-foot-wide boxcar of a bathroom echoes.

Right about now, my contractor, AKA my brother-in-law Ed, should be ripping out drywall and tearing up the floor. Pretty soon, he'll be cutting a large hole in the back wall to make a new window.

The Bathtub of Resuscitation is sitting in my driveway in a huge cardboard box. My living room and dirt-hole basement are filled with the smaller boxes that keep arriving by UPS and FedEx: tile, an on-demand water heater, faucets, flooring, towel bars, door handles, a sink...

Monsoon has gone to live with my mom for November. I'm going to be moving into a hotel for the next few days.

I guess I should figure out where.
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Look what I got today! )

Plans for my bathroom! Spelling out all the details that I don't understand, like the relationship between switches and light fixtures. And where to put the bath faucets and exhaust fans. Plan, elevation, electrical, and specifications. Four sets. They're so pretty.

Now I get to sit down with the builder, aka my brother-in-law, and start figuring out how much of it I can't actually afford.
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Since Tread Riser and the Bathtub of Resuscitation, there have been delays in my bathroom remodel. Most of them have had to do with my own uncertainty about spending that much money.

So I decided to consult a real bathroom designer, and she and her sidekick visited the project site, aka my house, yesterday.

Good news )
Less good news )

My 50th birthday is in December. It's my goal to celebrate it, at least in part, by getting up to my neck in hot water in my very own bathtub of resuscitation. Wish me luck.
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The new tub in my remodeled bathroom will be 32" high, so there will have to be steps going up to it. Because I couldn't envision how this would all work, I decided to build a model. My eight-year-old nephew came over to help.

Introducing Tread Riser and the Bathtub of Resuscitation. )
I especially like Tread's little corrugated innards.
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I think I've just borrowed my life away. You know the ads that say, "If you haven't refinanced in the last five months, you NEED to look into an incredibly low-low-LOW interest mortgage loan from Carcharadon, Crocuta and Sapiens!"?

Well, I didn't go quite that far, but I've gone completely to the dark side anyway by applying to refinance my house. They call it all kinds of things, but it's a mortgage. Mort-gage. Anglo-French, from Old French, from mort dead (from Latin mortuus) + gage security.

That means I'm engaged to make payments on this thing till I die. And all for a new bathroom.

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The little weekend bathroom painting project has revealed rot. Fungus. Deterioration too nasty to gloss over. So from a coat of paint, the project has morphed into to a gut-it-to-the-studs total remodel.

Can I afford this? Nope. But when did that ever stop me in one of my obsessions? )Picture yourself up to your neck in hot water--with jets--kinda like this:

Nice, huh? "Hello, Credit Union?"
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I woke up yesterday in a state of despair so thorough--and so apparently sourceless--that the only thing for it was distraction. "I shall paint the bathroom!" I thought. "Lavender!"

Fifteen hours and two or three hundred dollars' worth of paint and fittings later, I had a bathroom devoid of hardware and lighting, and no more than two square feet of wall actually painted.

Turns out it wasn't a job for the fainthearted. )

I just wanted to paint. Pretty color! New towel bars, y'know? Instead, I'm exhausted and annoyed, and I've got no place to hang my damn towels for at least a week.

I'll say this much: it totally took my mind off the despair.

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