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When you turn 60, joke-getting-old cards actually become funny. Who knew?

This one was from my little sister, who's only 58.

birthday card front showing two old ladies in a red car with shiny sunglasses and laughing. One asks Where we headed? and the other says I don't know!

birthday card inside showing same two old ladies. The second one is saying 'I thought you were driving!
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I know I'm 45 minutes early, but I want to be the first to wish a very happy birthday to [personal profile] ravurian, whose presence in my life is among my chiefest joys.

Peace and love to you, my friend.
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] kis! I hope the day has brought you lots of love and remembrances, and that the year will be filled with joy and pleasure.
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] executrix. You're one of the kindest, wittiest, most generous people on LJ/DW, and I'm proud to call you a friend.

I hope the day is lovely for you.
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Happy birthday to the wonderful [personal profile] ranunculus. May your fences be well-mended, your horses happy, your opera-houses electrically up-to-date, and your City stable and still for as long as possible!
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Hi everyone. It's my birthday! Which, after 57 previous ones, isn't all that big a deal. But I took the day off work, had acupuncture, went out to breakfast-for-lunch, got my nails done, and came home in the very cold December evening to eat really rather a lot of French chocolate.

I was dreadfully sick last week--like bedridden-and-housebound for six days, miss-Thanksgiving-dinner level sick. It was mostly just the worst cold in the world, I think. At the nadir of it I ruptured an eardrum and had conjunctivitis in both eyes, so I was half-deaf and half-blind and it was generally awful. (Bragg's raw apple cider vinegar, diluted on a cotton pad and wiped along the lower lid, stings like hell but makes short work of the pinkeye, by the way.)

Long story short, I'm a million percent better now, though still a bit hearing impaired in the one ear. Back to breathing, sleeping, and riding my bike.

Hand of DarkEmeralds with silver sparkly nail polish
Birthday nails

Hardly any job left in my life now:
Retirement Countdown showing 25 days, 23 hours
Retirement countdown
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...Happy birthday, [personal profile] kis/[livejournal.com profile] kispexi2, the world's best beta, a loving friend, and only person I've ever shared a fish-pedicure with.

I hope the day is wonderful and filled with love, Benedict Cumberbatch, Star Trek and hot fic.

And cake. Cake too.
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Four years! Wow! That's getting to be positively venerable in internet time. Congratulations, and long may you prosper, Dreamwidth.
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Happy birthday [personal profile] altariel!

I was having one of those trans-world kind of days today, where, during breaks in a longish shopping stint at IKEA I was swapping IMs and tweets with people in the UK, and you were one of them, and I didn't even know it was your birthday.

All the more wonderful because you completed a book today. Go you! Hope it was a fantastic day.
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Dear [personal profile] ravurian:

Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in this or any alternate universe. May all your ever afters be happy.

Much love,
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May. 3rd, 2011 10:23 pm
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I would like to be--but am probably not--the first to wish a very, very happy birthday to my good friend [personal profile] kis. She has been my sounding board, my editor, my fellow Whedon fan, and my convention-pal (for that one con I went to) since the days of Firefly.

What's more, she's been an in-person friend for all that time, despite the 6000 miles and eight time zones that usually separate us. The things she's borne with from me! The writing angst! The personal trials and tribulations! The American tea! Jet lag (both directions)! My minuscule house!

Through many joys and sorrows of real life, and much fun and madness in the world of fandom, she's been a wonderful constant.

To know that there is someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts unexpressed - that can make of this earth a garden.

Happy Birthday, Kis!
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What a splendid birthday! )

Not exactly a party animal, I know (well, I never was), but I had a lovely, lovely day from start to finish, and I hope everybody else's birthdays will always be as nice as mine was yesterday.

The Fives

Dec. 5th, 2010 09:50 am
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Fifty-five years ago today, on the 5th of December, 1955, at 5:50 in the morning, I came along. (I've been waiting a long time to get to that string of fives.)

I've had my ups and downs since then, but all in all it's been pretty good, and I can't complain.

To celebrate my birthday, the rain stopped yesterday and gave me a brilliant day of cold wind and swirling leaves, so after spending a great morning with [livejournal.com profile] roseambr shopping for dinner-plate-making materials at Bullseye Glass, I rode Eleanor O to all my Saturday errands, including a wonderful massage.

(The massage was coincidental and not intentionally a birthday present. My job has damaged my left shoulder and emergency treatment was in order.)

Cut for weight and diet stuff. )
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Happy belated birthdays to two of my favorite friends in Journal World.

[livejournal.com profile] roxymissrose: Bless you for making me laugh time and again with your great posts! I know you've been going through a tough time lately, and you're in my thoughts and my hopes for brighter days to come. ♥

[personal profile] pandarus: You gave me the best gift anyone could give, a wider audience for my writing, and the joy of your brilliant podfic thereof. ♥
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Today is the birthday of the bright, witty, wise and wonderful [personal profile] kis, aka [livejournal.com profile] kispexi2, best beta on the whole wide internet.

May Minekura write more Saiyuki. May Joss find another story to tell and the chance to tell it on film. May fandom be a better friend to you this year than last. And may you like the present that certain someones are working on for you and running a little late.
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Today is my mom's 80th birthday. I'm one lucky Baby Boomer, because a) I have no kids and b) my still-living mother is still very much living--healthy, independent, active and in full possession of all faculties, and resident in a nice condo about a mile and half from me. (She occasionally goes to a doctor, where, when they ask her what medications she's on and she says "None," they say, "No, really, what medications are you on?" and it repeats a few times before they get it.)

We had a family birthday party this evening--flourless chocolate cake made by my sis (since I'm wheat-free) and homemade ice cream (made by me--vanilla and mocha, pretty good), same as every family birthday, because she didn't want anything special, or any gifts. We did give her a nice big bunch of tulips.

There is no way not to view these kinds of days as numbered, and I'm grateful for every one of them. Happy birthday, Mom.


Feb. 13th, 2010 04:10 pm
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A one-day belated, but very heartfelt

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y !

to [livejournal.com profile] serenity_valley

I hope the coming year brings you more happiness, great bentos, good health and PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATION OF YOUR FABULOUS NOVEL!
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Jim Beaver posted on his Facebook last night that he was going to karaoke for a friend's birthday. Today is Jared Padalecki's birthday. The following proceeded from a conversation with [personal profile] owzers on this juxtaposition of events.

Title: You Can Tell Everybody
Rating: General
Warnings: Schmoop. Songs! One of 'em. The other one.
Length: 2000 words

You Can Tell Everybody: a little J2 schmoop for Jared's birthday. )

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